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George Washington.  Benedict Arnold.  Franklin Roosevelt.  Commodore Vanderbilt.  Nelly Bly.  Diamond Jim Brady.  Lillian Russell.  Winston Churchill.  Edgar Allan Poe.  Truman Capote.  Damon Runyon.  Monte Woolley.  David Hyde Pierce.  Bill Parcells. 

These and other famous people have been (or are) connected to Saratoga Springs.  Learn more about their ties to the Spa City during your tour with Saratoga Expeditions.

Gambling:  Was it always legal?  Was it strictly for high rollers?  Were women always welcome?  Are any of the original casinos still around?

Horse Racing:  When did it begin?  Was it always popular?  Why do they only race a few weeks each year? 

Mineral Water:   Where does the water come from?  What makes it unique?  Is it really good for you?  Why don’t the springs all taste the same?

Saratoga Today:  Why is Saratoga Springs such a popular destination?  What drives the local economy?  What role does tourism play?

These questions, and your questions, will be answered during your tour with Saratoga Expeditions.


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